Embark on a Journey of Self Development with the Author.

International Author and Life Coach , Dequonna Wise wrote “8 Layers of Division among Women” to help inspire ALL women no matter where you are in the world. Dubbed as a book for women empowerment and standard behavior guide; 8 Layers of Division among Women comes in both electronic and paperback versions that provides suitable specification for all kinds of readers. While discussing the motivation behind the creation of the book with a group of women, Dequonna Wise said “When you're unhappy, you seek distractions and validation. If my words could reach out and transform the life and character of just one person, then I will be fulfilled and know that I have not spoken in vain”.

In the book ‘8 Layers of Division among Women’, the author identifies what it described as 8 toxic energy and traits that keep women separated and disunited, and also provide 3 ways through which each layer of the traits can be identified. It furthers provide some recommendations as antidotes for combating the identified toxic traits. The book also comes with a question segment at the end of each layer to allow its reader identify with the strongholds, and as well save to revert back to for the purpose of self accountability. The ultimate goal of the book is to help women interact better with one another within the society, and also be good to their individual selves.

The ebook version of 8 Layers of Division among Women comes in 44 pages without the self-appraising question segment, while the paperback version has 91 pages with full question segment to enhance self appraisal and reverence for subsequent activities. Copy of the paperback version of the book is available for purchase below. You can also visit the iBooks, and Amazon to get a copy of the ebook version.

Dequonna is pleased that 8 layers of division has been shipped as far as Jamaica. She has high hopes that 8 layers will do just as she envisioned it would. Break down barriers, bring genuine unity, and change the lives of women daily.