Life Coaching (Self-development, Purpose)

$65 per hour

 How to identify and operate in your purpose and build confidence in self.  The very word ‘dreamer’ suggests someone who never gets things done. But don’t stop dreaming. You must combine the power of the dream with down-to-earth strategies that translate dreams into reality. Developing your confidence to achieve and reach goals. Learning to love you first, and helping you soar to be social by surrounding yourself with positive energy. 

Relationship Coaching

$65 per hour

How to recover from heartbreak and move forward in the name of love again.  How to wait on love vs chasing it. How to know when love is real.

 Business/Branding Coaching

$75 per hour

How to properly build your business/brand. It's easy to get caught up in what the next person is doing. No one race is ran the same, because no one person is the same. Find out how you can start your own business, your own way!