Client Reviews

I heard amazing things from a friend that had recently started life coaching with Dequonna, so I decided to give it a try. The coaching experience with Dequonna was amazing. During the sessions I felt relaxed and I learned things that I will be able to carry with me forever. She was available when I needed extra encouragement or advice and never made me feel uncomfortable. Dequonna is a great life coach!
— Meika McCleod
Dequonna will get you out of your head. If you’re not looking to open yourself up and be completely transparent then you may want to wait until you’re ready. She’s going to challenge you to be honest with yourself and at that point change can happen. You may feel torn down only to be built back up stronger than ever. She provides the best insight and alternatives. I never sensed this was just a job for her, but a calling and I’m blessed to come in contact with her
— Shanise Underwood
Dequonna’s coaching made me look at every aspect of my life different. Her coaching style made me realize my abilities to open doors that I never knew existed. She helped me overcome a lot of personal issues. Her tools pushed me past my comfort zone into a place of healing.
— Michelle Gallo